12 Series

$200 – 75 minutes

NB! Alexis is currently only scheduling Series of 3 or 5 Structural Integration sessions. This is a very effective and creative way to make a change. Start with a hands-on consultation session and we’ll take it from there! Please reach out if you have any questions.

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What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a hands-on method of releasing long-held postural patterns which no longer serve you or your body. Through 12 consecutive sessions we will address the major imbalances of your structure with active myofascial manipulation. At the same time re-educating your movement and postural preferences will help you integrate more efficient habits into your daily life. This is achieved by reading your body as a whole and unique system, greater than the sum of its parts. No single part of the body acts independently, therefore, Structural Integrators do not treat shoulders, hips, backs, necks etc. – they treat people. With the vast territory of your entire body to cover, your 12 sessions will unfold differently from anyone else’s – emphasizing your distinct postural patterning, personal history and movement needs. You will breath easier, move more freely and feel significantly energized!

The 12 Series is Designed to:

  • Address the root of major imbalances in the body.
  • Instill a renewed sense of energized verticality, mobility and balance.
  • Develop a neural re-patterning of movement and posture.
  • Enhance your overall body-image, perception and potential.
  • Integrate improved function into your work, rest, play, performance, skills and life goals.

When Can I do it?

Your 12 series is best experienced within a 3 to 6 month time frame – so that there is space between appointments without losing momentum. Appointments should be scheduled on a day and time supportive to your progress.

What is it Like?

Touch – Myofascial manipulation uses sensitive and slow touch within a range of pressures. Anatomically precise and depth specific, effective fascial manipulation allows felt-sensations to arise rather than be imposed.

Feedback – Your feedback determines the pressure and speed with which we work. How and how much you communicate your experience is highly individual. The goal is simply to establish communication which enables you to be present, awake and curious throughout each session.

Bodyreading – Each session will begin and end with a body reading of the front, back and sides of the body to determine overall structural balance. This is done wearing underwear or a bathing suit. It is also a simple and easy way to practice scanning your own body, checking in on unneeded and uncomfortable habits.

Strategy – The 12 Series is a detailed protocol for working through the entire body with ample room for distinct strategies. We will use breath and movement analysis on and off the table to address your particular concerns, abilities and goals. Rather than a formula, the 12 Series is a dynamic framework for your process.

Where Does it Come From?

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration – or ATSI – springs from the pioneering work of Dr Ida P Rolf, as developed, by Thomas Myers. ATSI is one of a number of schools that train practitioners in ‘Structural Integration’, Ida Rolf’s name for her own work. Structural Integration is practiced as an old-world craft with a 21st century comprehension of how your body structure works. The ATSI ‘brand’ of structural integration concentrates on doing deep, lasting, and significant work, with anatomical precision, blended with movement and sensitivity to the unfolding individual experience. ATSI’s method of “bodyreading” or visual analysis, is a logical, coherent and masterful tool for seeing client’s unique patterns. The ATSI ‘recipe’ for structural integration is based around the “Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians” concept, which are explored in the book written by Thomas Myers.

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