We move your world

You rock theirs

All entities Move

and nothing remains still

All entities Move

and nothing remains still

Ultra Dynamic


MOVEDO justifies its name by introducing motion dynamics in columns. Scroll or move your mouse and the whole world does move. One needs to be fearless to become peerless.

Mouse Move

Enable the Mouse Move effect to make your column moves with the sensitivity and the range you prefer. Break free from sameness.

Scrolling Move

This is the Vertical Parallax on scroll for the columns. Define the total range of the motion and enable the invert motion.

Do it your way

Combine any of the two different column move effects with the column positions feature and the handcrafted Movedo Elements.

The Most Radical

Safe Button

Brand new, evolved, and revealing safe button at your service to entice your customers and facilitate users’ navigation.

We Like to

Move It, Move It

Arrest everyone’s attention through eye-catching moving columns. Change columns’ position and showcase works beyond linear structuring.

Backend Simplicity

Frontend Infinity


Awesome Layouts

Just a demos-appetizer of the unlimited sensational pages MOVEDO is capable of. Sky is NOT the limit, MOVE into the groove.

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

Page Title

The Most Immaculate

Device Style

Tame the waves of change in mobile technology with the most future-proof device responsiveness in the market.


Moldable Typography

Fed up with fixed and unbendable typographies? MOVEDO breaks the mold and clears one more hurdle to personalized impeccable texts.


Handcrafted Elements

Just when you thought things could not get any easier, MOVEDO worked wonders with our calibrated Visual Composer elements to meet new backend needs.


Custom Footers

No more boring old-style footers. Break free from sameness and embrace uniqueness by adding every available element in this new class of footers.

Header Manipulation

Combine the header elements with the topbar and any of the feature elements at your imagination’s convenience.

With Movedo you can start selling online.Build your own online shop in a few minutes and customize everything as you wish.

One Click Importer

Import with just one click all Movedo dummy data to start building your own site. There is no need for XML files to use our premium content.

Anchor Menu

Fasten and offer readily accessible essential menu guide to make your users’ life easier, available in all custom post types and Greatives themes.

Live Color Customize

Adjust your theme’s colors easily in real time, selecting either from predefined colors or customized ones, and have immediate experience of your changes.

Speed Optimized

Nobody likes slow loading websites. Build a website which loads fast for the highest user experience. Search engines will also love it.

SEO Optimized

You need a high-quality and SEO optimized WP theme, no matter what you are going to design. Movedo, when dreams come true.

Translation Ready

Movedo is ready for translation into any language. It is also fully compatible with the WPML and Polylang plugins in case you need a multilingual site.

Coming Soon

There is no need to install a plugin in order to work on your website behinds the scenes. You can enable Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode with Movedo.

Innovative Framework

Movedo Option panel is built with the renowned Redux Framework and gives you many configuration options in a user-friendly environment.

Masterfully Handcrafted

for Awesomeness

By Greatives


structural bodywork.

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